Asked Questions
What do you breed?

We breed Goldendoodles (also known as Groodles) and Double Doodles, which are a fantastic mix of both worlds - Labradoodle x Goldendoodle.

What makes you different?

We follow the Badass Breeder Curriculum, which is an intense and well-proven curriculum to help raise empowered little heart-healers. We believe that God gave us dogs for a reason - to love, assist, encourage, and keep us company. The power of a dog is not to be understated, and it's something we take very seriously. We know we're raising members of your family, not just dogs. We keep that at the forefront of our mind.

When can puppies go to their forever home?

Puppies go home after 8 weeks with their Mama. Mama is an important role in these foundational weeks, and you'll be glad they stayed.

Do you allow visitations?

While we would love for you to meet your Ragamuffin face-to-face, we are only able to offer Face Time until go home day. This helps us reduce unneccessary risks of bacteria and disease, especially Parvovirus, affecting the puppies. Parvovirus is deadly to young puppies, and it can live in soil for a long time, and therefore on clothes and shoes. At 8 weeks, our pups have been vaccinated and its had plenty of time to boost their immunity, reducing the risks. We hope you understand. Once a pup has been assigned to you, we take regular photos and videos and send it to you during their weeks with us, and we can Face Time at least once a week.

Do you transport pups interstate?

Your puppy comes with a Ragamuffin Doodles tote, high quality food, a toy and blanket that smells like mama and siblings (note this is not a new toy or blanket. New items do not assist puppies with settling into their new homes), all the forms you need, information on the PUPPY, PUPPY, PUPPY recall, and other helpful tips, a Ragamuffin Doodle puppy bandana and other goodies to make transition easier.Your pup is vet checked, wormed every two weeks, vaccinated and toilet training and crate training has been started. You also receive 6 weeks complementary pet insurance via Pet Cover.

What does my little Ragamuffin come with?

Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus.

Is there a Health Guarantee?

Yep, sure is. We health test our mama's and papa's, and provide you with a 12 month Health Guarantee.

What if I need to rehome my Ragamuffin?

Ragamuffin Doodles wants the opportunity to take back all our dogs, at all stages of their life. We ask that if there is a change in your circumstance that you reach out to us.

Where are you located?

We're located in the Toowoomb Region, about two hours west of  Brisbane.