We're Daniel and Paige - puppy parents, doggy servants, and parents of human children, too! Paige couldn't do it without Daniel!

We raise empowered, incredible Double Doodles are Groodles, with a huge focus on assistance dogs and therapy dogs.

We raise our dogs on an advanced service curriculum, with a focus on sound and touch exposure to raise wholehearted dogs.

We raise empowered and capable dogs

Wholehearted dogs make all the difference

Our slogan is "A House is a Home With a Dog" and we really believe it. We know how important dogs are to so many families around the country. That's why we raise our puppies on the Badass Breeder curriculum, an advanced service program, that helps to create empowered dogs, and give them the best chance to enter service as as assistance or therapy dog.

We never underestimate the power of a companion animal, either. A little boy comes home from a hard day at school, and immediately feels loved and at ease when his dogs runs to greet him. After a long, hard day, a cold nose and a warm cuddle change the way you see things. At the hardest and best times of your life, a wagging tail is right there beside you. Companion animals matter. Raising empowered dogs who are confident, capable, learn quickly, aren't fearful and who are emotionally intelligent makes all the difference.

Sound, touch and object exposure creates confident and capable dogs.

Service and Therapy Dogs

Changing lives every day

Therapy and Assistance dogs make massive impacts on their person every single day. That's why we're so proud to have numerous puppies go on to train to be therapy, assistance and service animals.

We conduct temperament evaluations to determine which puppies have the best chance at going on to service or therapy. These temperament evaluations also help to place companion dogs in the right homes.
Contact us today if you're in need of a therapy of service dog.

A house is a home with a dog.

Ragamuffin Doodles

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras | Photographer & Writer

Happiness is a warm puppy.

Charles Shultz | Cartoonist, Peanuts

In home breeding means dogs don't live in kennels

Our home is where our heart is
Puppies are raised in a home environment

Our puppies are raised in home, and exposed (at the appropriate ages) to children, other dogs and a variety of sights and sounds that allow them to seamlessly transition into your home.

Only the best will do
We feed our puppies and parents only the very best dog food

We feed our dogs a fantastic diet, so that they can be as healthy as possible. If the dog food can be bought at the grocery store, it shouldbn't be fed to your pet! Paying more for quality food will save you money in the long run. We'll even send you home with a few days worth of food!


Breeding done differently

ENS and ESI - Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction

Through our ENS and ESI, we give your pup the best start in life. The benefits of ENS and ESI are far reaching and ensure your pup is on the right track for a wholehearted, empowered life.


Paige, Daniel and Co.

Family is where the heart is

Ragamuffin Doodles is a family run business, with a husband at wife who happen to like each other a fair bit, right at the centre of it. Along with three kids who provide introduction to children to the puppies and a pack of much-loved dogs, the Ragamuffin team is complete.


We only ever advocate for the things we love.

Who we like to work with

We are members of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association (number 10909), and we follow the Badass Breeder Curriculum. We offer 6 weeks complementary pet insurance through PetCover, and adore Lyka Pet Food, and Meals For Mutts Puppy and Whelping Food. Our dogs are DNA tested through Orivet Genetic Pet Care. We're also RightPaw verified.

At a glance

Learn what makes Ragamuffin Doodles different

Badass Breeder Curriculum

Puppies are raised on an advanced service curriculum

6 weeks Complementary Pet Insurance

Feel comfortable with insurance for your pup

Lifetime Breeder Support

We're just a phone call, email, text message, or carrier pigeon away

Top quality Food

Only the best food is provided to your pup. We love Lyka and Meals For Mutts


Have the confidence that your puppy is getting the best start in life

Exposure to Children

We don't send a puppy home if we're not confident it's comfortable around children

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A holistic breeder of Groodles and Double Doodles


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— Lifetime Breeder Support
— Responsible Pet Breeders Association Member Number 10909
— RightPaw Verified
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Located in the Toowoomba Region of South East Queensland. Can assist with arranging local and interstate travel.

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